8-Bit Theater
Episode 307
Twenty-Sided Die'd!
Twenty-Sided Die'd!
Personal Transformations Through Every Day Magic
Date Published Saturday July 12, 2003
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I Think Red Mage Got His Game Universes Mixed Up

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Red Mage I resent being turned into a frog without being allowed a fortitude check against your Polymorph: Other spell.
Matoya Polywhat? It's a frog spell, boy. The fact that you're a frog now should tip you off.
Red Mage I have my rights. I want a fortitude check.
Matoya Do I have to do anything?
Red Mage No.
Matoya Whatever floats your lily.
Red Mage rolls a 20 sided die, and turns back to normal.
Red Mage HA! Your pitiful magics are no match for my superior saving--
Red Mage has been turned into a frog again by Matoya.
Matoya That a fact, Skippy?
Thief Maybe you should shut up? Just a thought.
Red Mage Phooey.
Black Mage The secrets of this transformative magic will be mine! I don't care how many teammates I have to sacrifice for it either.
Fighter If we can hear your internal monologue, then it isn't.
Black Mage Oh, human sacrifice. Is there anything you can't do?
Fighter Still hear ya.