8-Bit Theater
Episode 308
Black Belt Is The Universe
Black Belt Is The Universe
A Brief History of Hypertime(TM)
Date Published July 15, 2003
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Black Belt Breaks Physics Yet Again

Cast Appearing[]


Matoya's Cave


Black Belt Look at it this way. It's unlikely that we're going in circles since we haven't seen this cave before.
White Mage Shut up.
Matoya More hapless visitors? Tsk, and I'm all out of doom quests.
Black Belt Hey guys!
White Mage But what are you still doing in Elfland?
Matoya Elfland? You're about a thousand miles of wrong.
White Mage But, the ocean. We never... how!
Black Belt I blame space-time for being so gosh darn big. I mean, there's extra dimensions according to super-string theory and that's fine I guess. But I don't care how small they tell you those are, they add up after a while!
Black Belt You try walking a straight line without bumping into wave functions of neighboring realities.
Black Mage We do it all the time. It's called not being so stupid that it warps the universe.
Fighter Univarse. It's pronounced univarse.
Matoya I hate to break up this reunion, but do you boys have my crystal or what?
Red Mage All this and no one though to ask about Red Mage.