8-Bit Theater
Episode 309
My House, My Rules
My House, My Rules
Layin' Down the Rules
Date Published July 17, 2003
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Meanwhile, At The Legion of Doom Lair of the Dark Warriors...

Cast Appearing[]


Temple of Fiends


Meanwhile, a triumverate of evil plotted against our heroes...
Bikke The way I do be seein' it is simple.
Drizz'l It'd just about have to be, wouldn't it?
Garland For the last time, Bikke, no. I'm the leader of this outfit because it was my idea for us to team up.
Garland Plus it's my house.
Garland So unless you've got a kickass pirate ship or a secluded hellcave handy, we go by my rules.
Bikke But you just made that up!
Garland Me making up rules, including rules that may contradict other rules, is allowed by the rules.
Bikke I see, startin' up ye own dictatorship, is ye?
Drizz'l Or a religion.