8-Bit Theater
Episode 310
What Could Have Been...
What Could Have Been...
Mo' Like Dork Warriors
Date Published July 19, 2003
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Oh Well, It Was Too Awesome To Be True Anyway

Cast Appearing[]


Temple of Fiends


Bikke Bah! I should be the leader. I'm the only one with leadership experience.
Drizz'l Hold it!
Drizz'l Weren't you telling me about how you sacrificed your crew and ship for a treasure you couldn't even enjoy because you left it on the ship?
Bikke Be ye havin' a point?
Drizz'l Only that your tenure as a leader is punctuated by incompetent acts of treachery.
Bikke Aye, but if'n I be a treacherous leader, wouldn't ye rather I be bad at it?
Drizz'l You make a compelling if idiotic case.
Garland It doesn't matter anyway 'cause I'm the leader. So there. Nya.
Bikke Alas...
A logo for "The Pirates of Dark Warriors" is shown, with Garland, Bike, and Drizz'l posing as pirates.
Bikke Live the dream, Bikke. Live the dream.