8-Bit Theater
Episode 313
Lawninja, ATTACK!
Lawninja, ATTACK!
Wrongful Prosecution
Date Published Tuesday, July 29, 2003
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Thief's Anti-Ripoff Countermeasure Gets A Little... Sidetracked

Cast Appearing[]


Matoya's Cave


Matoya You're looking awfully smug for someone who just found out he isn't half the con artist he thought he was.
Thief That's because I know something you don't know.
Matoya And what would that be?
Thief If I told you, then you'd know.
Matoya That's what I was shooting for.
Thief Let's just say there's a surprise lying in wait for you.
Matoya Oh, dear me, but I don't like surprises.
In the background, one of Thief's lawninja attacks Black Mage
Thief That's a shame beacuse you can be assured you'll never see this coming.
Matoya I hope for the sake of your surprise that it or they do not run into one of my many security surprises. One false step in this cave could spell total organ implosion.
Thief You're bluffing.
Matoya Am I?
Thief Regardless. My surprise will surely outwit your puny machinatios. Such is his limitless guile.
Matoya I await the arrival and subsequent termination of your surprise with great anticipation.
Thief Same here. 'Cause he really should've gotten here by now.
Matoya Missing accomplices, eh? That's a sure sign of a tripped organ implosion trap.
Meanwhile, elsehwere in Matoya's Cave...
Fighter (compressed from having tripped an organ implosion trap) You know a cure spell, right?
Red Mage This is so out of my league, it ain't funny. Ick.