8-Bit Theater
Episode 315
Good Thing No One Was On It... Yet.
Good Thing No One Was On It... Yet.
The Lesser of Two Cons
Date Published Tuesday August 5, 2013
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Cast Appearing[]


Plains outside Matoya's Cave


Fighter So how are we going to get back to Elfland?
Fighter The trip back was long and perilous, but I don't remember anything about it.
Red Mage Which is a shame 'cause I'd love to know how we got across the Adli Sea without a boat. Or losing any limbs or valued team members.
Thief Ha! The private sector can always be counted upon to come to the rescue as long as there's a sucker with a dollar to spend. Look!
Thief is looking at a store called "Jeff's Discount Deathtraps (Not to be confused with actual airships)"
Thief That looks like a fine establishment!
Black Mage You're being ironic right?
Thief Irony is so turn of the century. IF you doubt my claims, check out that reputable business across the street.
Across the street is another store called "Akbar's Airships (Not Deathtraps)"
Akbar C'mon!
Thief Personally, I'd sooner trust the deathtrap that's honest about its nature.
Black Mage I shouldn't have to live in a world where all the good points are horrible ones.
Jeff Howdy, boys! I'm Jeff, the proprietor of this deathtrap dealership. We've got all the latest model deathtraps.
Jeff Though the '97 model does tend to jump the gun, as you can see.