8-Bit Theater
Episode 316
To Black Mage, I bequeath a boot to the head!
To Black Mage, I bequeath a boot to the head!
Punt of a Salesman
Date Published Thursday August 7, 2003
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Jeff Will Do Anything You Say to Get The Sale

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White Mage Hm. We've lost track of the Light Warriors. Again. They must've gone to one of these stores to find passage across the Adli.
Black Belt Yeah, but which one?
White Mage That much should be obvious even to you. They wouldn't go to a deathtrap store. That's just stupid.
Black Belt Even for them!
White Mage My thoughts exactly. Now let's go to Akbar's.
White Mage We can probably pick up a nice little airdinghy on the cheap and follow the Light Warriors without them knowing.
Black Belt But they do know.
White Mage But they're not supposed to.
Black Belt But we talk to them all the time.
Black Belt We made plans to go to lunch with them next week.
White Mage They offered Italian. You know I love Italian.
Meanwhile, at Jeff's Discount Deathtraps
Jeff Well, let me ask you this, then. What's it going to take to get you in a deathtrap today?
Black Mage A spontaneous and complete loss of common sense, perhaps due to a swift kick in the head.
CRACK! Jeff sends Black Mage flying with a swift kick in the head.
Thief I like this guy.
Red Mage Can we make Jeff the honorary fifth Warrior of Light?
Jeff Have I made a sale?