8-Bit Theater
Episode 320
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Date Published Saturday August 16, 2003
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Thief, Fighter, and Red Mage are walking away from the wreckage of the deathtrap
Thief I have to say, Red Mage, that was an amazing escape.
Fighter And how! I was there and I still don't believe something so ingenious could have been formulated so quickly.
Fighter And it didn't kill any of us or anything!
Red Mage Well, I make no claims to genius. I let those who see me in action do that.
Fighter If that application of a Portable Hole, an Immovable Rod, a Bag of Holding, and an ice spell wasn't genius, then I don't know what is!
Red Mage You flatter me. It'd be genius if I was able to extricate us without losing those items to the flames.
Fighter Haven't you become less versatile now that you are without them?
Red Mage The old Red Mage would have said that.
Red Mage But then I had an epiphany while we were roasting alive.
Fighter Elephanty? Is that like a pachyderm?
Red Mage No, my stupid, stupid friend.
Red Mage I merely realized that my reluctance to sacrifice spell slots or use items or the express purpose of maintaining my peak level of versatility was a vicious cycle of stagnation.
Thief One cannot truly be versatile if one cannot adapt.
Fighter So true.
Red Mage It's the fortune cookie that changed my life.
Fighter What should we do about BM?
Red Mage Hm. Ironically, if we have a Portable Hole, an Immovable Rod, and a Bag of Holding, I could get him out of there in two rounds.
Thief Now that's a shame.
Fighter We could lure it away with a ruby.
Red Mage No, you're thinking of titans. This is a giant. There's a big difference.