8-Bit Theater
Episode 321
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Unhealthy Relationship
Date Published Tuesday, August 19, 2003
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Elf Land Outskirts


Fighter (holding one of his swords) We could attack it. I've got pointy, dangerous implements and a hankerin' to use 'em.
Thief We have not had the best of luck dealing with giants.
Red Mage Yes. They tend to destroy us.
Fighter Bah! What threat could this one possibly pose?
Fighter It's only vastly superior to us in every conceivable way that could ever matter in a fight. We are mere insects to him.
Thief Perhaps you are not listening to yourself.
Fighter All I know is my best friend is stuck under there!
Red Mage Perhaps you never listened to Black Mage either.
Fighter We've got to get him out of there! I know he'd do the same for me.
Fighter He might!
Thief We never said he would not!
Red Mage Not explicitly, no.
Fighter Well, okay, not on purpose and maybe not immediately. But there's definitely a pretty decent chance that if a giant fell on me, BM would blast it into oblivion at some point for unrelated reasons. And, assuming I had not been killed by the giant or its obliteration, then I could get out.
Thief To me, the saddest part is that he believes what he is saying.
Red Mage That poor, stupid fool.