8-Bit Theater
Episode 340
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The Next Quest
Date Published October 9, 2003
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Elf Land, Deathtrap Crash Site


White Mage The four are united once more.
Black Belt Then our work here is finished.
White Mage But we didn't do anything.
Black Belt Oh, didn't we, White Mage? Didn't we?
White Mage No.
Black Belt I stand by my statement.
Black Mage So explain to me how walking cross country directly away from the airship is supposed to fix it, oh brainless leader. Heh heh, brainless.
Thief It's quite simple. We're going to the land of the Dwarves. They've got their grubby little mal-formed hands on the Orb of Earth that we need.
Black Mage What's this we business? Last time I checked, watching Elf Land and everything in it rot away had nothing but positive effects on my life.
Thief In addition to being petty little crooks who erroneously claim ownership of the Earth Orb, the dwarves are known for their technological ingenuity. If anyone can get your undeserving heathen selves out of my homeland, it's them. And, as a side note, Elf Land would only be the first to be affected by the earth rot. All lands would soon befall the same fate.
Black Mage Long as Elf Land goes first, I win.
Red Mage If I may interject.
Black Mage Why not? The inane babble levels have been pretty low lately.
Fighter (thinking) Muwa ha!
Red Mage Thief, your passive aggressive belligerence directed towards the dwarven race leads me to believe that there is some truth to the rumors of the generations long elf-dwarf conflict. Am I correct to assume this rivalry centers on contradictory claims of ownership regarding the Earth Orb?
Thief That's one way to put it.
Red Mage How would you put it?
Thief Those stumpy, backwards, hole-in-the-ground livin' evolutionary throw backs will rue the day they trifled with the Kingdom of Elf.
Red Mage Oh.