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Episode 343
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Check Mate!
Date Published Saturday October 16th, 2003
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Black Mage and Red Mage continue to debate like nerds.

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Thief Whisper, whisper, whisper...
Blah, secret, blah, talk.
Red Mage But Batman plans for every contingency, including impossible ones. He'd be ready for anything Doom throws at him.
Black Mage Be that as it may, Doom is a villain.
Black Mage Villains are much more pro-active than heroes. Heroes, by their nature, are purely reactionary forces.
The villain is, in all ways, an agent of change. a catalyst.
Red Mage Your point?
Black Mage Whereas Batman would engage in this battle with relatively little forethought, we cannot say the same for Doom.
If Doom was to face Batman in battle, it would only be at a time and a place of Doom's choice.
Red Mage Agreed...
Black Mage Thus, although both characters may be away from their respective support networks...
...Doom would have the upper hand because Batman would not be there at all unless Doom wanted him there.
And Doom would not want him there unless his victory was guaranteed a priori.
Red Mage But therein lies the fatal flaw in Doom's plan.
Batman never gives up. He cannot be broken.
Black Mage I'll give you that because I'm feeling generous and because I know my next point will defeat you.
Doom would surely approve of such a tactic.
Red Mage I fear not your rebuttal. Do go on.
Black Mage Let us assume that Batman wins.
Doom's machinations are such that even if Batman manages to be triumphant, his victory will only come about in a way that will somehow further Doom's overall villainous schemes.
Red Mage Advantage, Doom.
Doctor Doom Yes, snivelling wizard of the crimson power, and so it shall always be for
Thief We ought to have these little talks more often. They will surely... profit our friendship.