8-Bit Theater
Episode 344
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Face Off
Date Published October 21, 2003
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Cast Appearing[]


Near Dwarf Land


Black Mage Y'know, we're getting awfully lcose to Dwarven territory.
Thief Yeah, heading into the Dwarf Kingdom will do that.
Black Mage I mean you're lookin' awfully elfish.
Thief Oh, that. Well, I suppose now is as good a time as any, but I'll need some help.
Black Mage Yeah? Well, I'll see if I can scare up someone who gives half a shi- (grabbed by Thief) Hey!
A cloud of dust ensues.
Black Mage Hey! Son of a! Ouch! That doesn't go there!
Thief Well, that does.
Black Mage Watch it!
Thief and Black Mage have switched heads.
Thief Done.
Black Mage Hm, that's a pretty good disguise. Damn handsome too.
Thief I thought you might think so.
Black Mage Won't our group look a little out of the ordinary with two dark wizards?
Thief Oh, that won't be a problem. Trust me.
Red Mage (in his Deborah dress) Well, are we goin' or what?
Black Mage Why? Just... Just why?
Red Mage What? I thought we were disguising ourselves.
Thief Is that the same dress from...?
Red Mage Maybe it is. What's it to you, Dad?
Thief Um...
Black Mage This is why the dysfunctional hero trend needs to get over itself.
Red Mage You can't ignore me forever! I have feelings!
Thief I could not agree more.