8-Bit Theater
Episode 345
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Political Nuances
Date Published October 23, 2003
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Cast Appearing[]


Corneria Castle


Meanwhile, back in Corneria...
Sara Dad, your approval rating is slightly lower than a hole in the head.
King Steve Oh, I'm sure they're exaggerating like the infinitely stupid morons they are.
Sara Well, the poll only had two choices. One, be ruled over by King Steve forever. Two, get a sword through your head. We lost 52% of the participants.
King Steve Tough but fair.
Sara Look, Dad. You got a lot of sympathy out of that "My precious daughter's been kidnapped again" shtick.
Sara But that was months ago and your subsequent rape of the earth campaign did not go over well with... er, anyone.
King Steve Oh, silly, silly, ignorant Sara.
King Steve We're royalty. We heed not approval ratings. A disgruntled, disenchanted, and disenfranchised populace is, if anything, a sign of our success as rulers!
Sara It is much more difficult to overthrow a king who is loved than one who is loathed.
King Steve You may have a point despite your being female.
Sara Crazy how that works out, ain't it.
King Steve What we need is some crazy scheme to artificially inflate my standing in the public eye so I can get away with even more atrocities.
Beat. Sara looks annoyed.
Sara Or we could start using our position responsibly; consolidate our financial, cultural, and military power until we are poised to take over the world with peace and stability instead of fear. Help usher in a new era of peace, etc.
King Steve Something like an unsolicited attack on Corneria itself!
Sara You're not listening to me are you.
King Steve I'm listening to what now?