8-Bit Theater
Episode 350
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First Impressions
Date Published November 4, 2003
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Cast Appearing[]


Dwarf Land, Beardville


The Light Warriors are standing on a ridge overlooking a Dwarven border town.
Black Mage Well, there's a nice dwarven border town. Let's do this.
Six minutes, thirty-seven seconds later.
The Light Warriors are on the ridge again, the town burning below them.
Black Mage And what have we learned about spells that require concentration to maintain their effects, RM?
Red Mage "The important thing is concentrating."
Black Mage Good, let's try that on the next town.
Dwarf Xenophile Oh the humanity!
Dwarf Wordomancer You mean dwarfity, you xenophile!
Dwarf Xenophile You mean ape-lover, you wordomancer!
Dwarf Citizen By Moradin's beard! Why do only our homes and children burn!
Black Mage (winks with a "doink!") Because it seemed excessively cruel!