8-Bit Theater
Episode 374
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So Many Valid Points
Date Published Thursday January 20th, 2004
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Red Mage further claims victory.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Outside 667 Darkness Lane


Red MageWell, now that you have been summarily defeated, we demand--
VilbertHow can you claim that as a legitimate defeat?!
Red MageRather simply.
Red MageI have a forebrain, my ability for abstract thought allows for all kinds of things.
VilbertThere are no dice in Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Red MageI'd like to direct your attention to the Air Bud Clause.
Red MageThere is no rule specifically stating that dice are not valid choices. So there.
VilbertThat's madness.
Red MageThat's Air Bud.
VilbertI don't know where Larry got you guys, but he really should have asked if you knew anything about LARP.
VilbertIt's about shedding your self, becoming a whole new entity!
Why, take me for example.
In real life, I'm a snobbish wannabe.
In LARP, I'm an elitist hanger-on!
But my poetry is just as brilliant in both my lives.
Black MageWe've indulged Fruitcake here for long enough.
VilbertOh, but I do ever so love being indulged. I'm a Goth, you see, I thrive on the attention of others--
VilbertThough they be the very same people whom I mercilessly mock for not understanding me!
Black MageYes, fine. More indulging. Let's play your stupid game then. Ready?
Black Mage stabs vilbert in the face and neck.
Black MageRock, Paper, Scissors in the eye!
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