8-Bit Theater
Episode 375
Woodin steak!
Woodin steak!
Thinking Outside the Box
Date Published Thursday January 22nd, 2004
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That cow had it coming.

Cast Appearing[]


  • In front of the Von Vampire Residence


Vilbert What are you doing?!
Black Mage I felt it was fairly obvious.
Vilbert There's no touching in live action role-playing.
And no weapons either. Someone could've been hurt.
Black Mage Well, yeah.
Vilbert It's a good thing I'm a vampire and immune to damage from mundane weapons.
Fighter Vampire, eh?
Vilbert You'd need to put a stake through my heart to hurt me.
Luckily a knife through the face and neck is harmless.
Black Mage A little too lucky.
Fighter My mind is ablaze with genius!
Vilbert Where's he going?
Black Mage I dunno, but he was making even less sense than usual.
Fighter (Yanking a post off of a fence) Ha!
This is exactly what I need!
Thief Look, Vilbert, the truth is we're the Light Warriors and we're not very good people.
We're going to destroy your home whether or not you give us the Earth Orb.
If you give us the orb, we'll make your death as painless as we can.
If not, let's just say you'll be encouraging us to take our time.
Black Mage We can be very meticulous. I think you should do what he says.
Thief So help us help you. Okay?
Fighter comes out of nowhere wielding a fencepost stuck through a cow and uses it to hit Vilbert.
Black Mage A wooden stake!
Fighter What do you think the fence post is for?
I'm not stupid!