8-Bit Theater
Episode 376
We got a new script editor!
We got a new script editor!
Four Hundred Pounds of Flavor
Date Published Saturday January 24th, 2004
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Once again, Fighter shows off his intelligence.

Cast Appearing[]


  • In front of the Von Vampire Residence
  • Third Annual Hindu Vegetarian Club Meeting


Black Mage That's not a stake.
Fighter Well no, not yet.
Fighter forces Black Mage to cast a fire spell of some sort.
Fighter Now it's wood in steak.
Black Mage How did you...
Fighter It's just a half-circle from back to front. Simple.
Black Mage But... That spell... It's not... You can't... I don't... What?
Red Mage Oh dear. I think it's finally happened.
Years of exposure to Fighter's, shall we say, point of view, has rendered Black Mage a sputtering vegetable.
Fighter Yeah, I do that sometimes.
He'll snap out of it soon. Usually by way of an insatiable homicidal frenzy, but what'dya gonna do about it?
Black Mage Wooden stake.
Wood in steak...
Vilbert Okay, guys. I think you still don't understand the rules.
Fighter, first, you didn't engage a physical challenge...
Cut to a scene of a flying, burning, bloody object falling on the Third Annual Hindu Vegetarian Club Meeting (Picnic and fun!), then cut back to Vilbert and Fighter.
Fighter You try balancing a cow on the end of a fence post to wield it like a club. That's a physical damn challenge.