8-Bit Theater
Episode 376
Episode 376
We got a new script editor!
Four Hundred Pounds of Flavor
Date Published Saturday January 24th, 2004
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Once again, Fighter shows off his intelligence.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • In front of the Von Vampire Residence
  • Third Annual Hindu Vegetarian Club Meeting


Black MageThat's not a stake.
FighterWell no, not yet.
Fighter forces Black Mage to cast a fire spell of some sort.
FighterNow it's wood in steak.
Black MageHow did you...
FighterIt's just a half-circle from back to front. Simple.
Black MageBut... That spell... It's not... You can't... I don't... What?
Red MageOh dear. I think it's finally happened.
Years of exposure to Fighter's, shall we say, point of view, has rendered Black Mage a sputtering vegetable.
FighterYeah, I do that sometimes.
He'll snap out of it soon. Usually by way of an insatiable homicidal frenzy, but what'dya gonna do about it?
Black MageWooden stake.
Wood in steak...
VilbertOkay, guys. I think you still don't understand the rules.
Fighter, first, you didn't engage a physical challenge...
Cut to a scene of a flying, burning, bloody object falling on the Third Annual Hindu Vegetarian Club Meeting (Picnic and fun!), then cut back to Vilbert and Fighter.
FighterYou try balancing a cow on the end of a fence post to wield it like a club. That's a physical damn challenge.
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