8-Bit Theater
Episode 377
...just wait until Staff-chucks become canon.
...just wait until Staff-chucks become canon.
What the Devil is he Thinking
Date Published Saturday January 24th, 2004
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Despite not being the sharpest tools in the shed, Red Mage is adding Stake Summoner to his list of feats while Fighter plays Harvest Moon. I won't even go into what's happening to Black Mage.

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Script[edit | edit source]

Thief and Red Mage are still arguing in front of Vilbert's house.
Thief Let's reassess the situation. Black Mage, our heavy artillery, is out.
Shift to Black Mage, standing in front of the darkness waving his hands around.
Black Mage Yeah, sword-chucks. Yeah!
It'd be just like having two swords, but you could wield them both with one hand.
And there's the added benefit of having no control over either of them!
Of course it's a great idea, it all makes sense to me now.
I was a fool to ever doubt it. A bumbling fool, I tell you!
Thief Fighter, our meatshield, is otherwise occupied.
Shift to Fighter now, standing in front of a cattle field, trying to attract the cows to approach the fence.
Fighter I just need two cows to be impaled and set on fire.
C'mon, just step forward to volunteer.
Okay, just mill around aimlessly to volunteer. Thanks!
Thief And your idiotic gambit failed miserably.
Red Mage It's not my fault he failed to recognize my genius.
Red Mage I find that often happens when you work on as many levels as I do.
Beat panel. Thief looks down in silence.
Thief Yeah.... I'm sure that's something like a problem for you...
Red Mage Indeed. Unfortunately for Vilbert, I'm going to have to get significantly more blunt.
Thief But we're really more of a sword and knife group.
Red Mage (Zoom up) That we are, Thief. But that won't be a problem. We're fighting a vampire, so we need to drive a stake through its heart.
Red Mage (Raising arms) We need only call upon the mightiest stake in all the land!
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