8-Bit Theater
Episode 378
Episode 0378
I wonder what Red Mage's theme song would sound like.
It's Kinda Catchy
Date Published Thursday, January 29th 2004
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8-Bit Theater #1 Gold Foil Embossed Collection Edition!
Date Published Saturday, January 31st 2004
Previous Comic Episode 377: What the Devil is he Thinking?
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Bring on the laser guitars!

Cast AppearingEdit


  • In front of the Von Vampire Residence


Thief and Red Mage are still arguing in front of Vilbert's house.
Thief(Looking down) Please tell me you're not thinking what I already know you're thinking.
Close-up of Red Mage, standing with hands raised in front of a translucent red summoning orb encompassing a complex polygon.
Red MageToo late, Thief. When your mind is as prodigious as mine, you get ideas like this almost before you know it.
ThiefI guess the trick is being smart enough not to act on those ideas then.
Red Mage(Raising hands to activate the orb) No time for that, I'm too busy actin' on my great idea!
The orb activates and summons the mighty Armoire of Invincibility!
Thief(Looking down) Just... why?
Red MageI was thinking we could start using themesongs from now on to liven things up.
The Armoire lands off-screen with a mighty KLUNG!!
ThiefWe are not going to have theme songs, RM.
Red MageLet me do yours before you decide.
The duo ignore Vilbert, who is currently being crushed by the Armoire.
VilbertSlings and arrows, slings and arrows.
As Red Mage sings, Black Mage stomps all over Vilbert. Vilbert's blood splatters onto Thief as he hangs his head, enduring.
Black MageG'hey!
Red MageHe'll get your wallet, look out for him, it's Thief! Yeah!
It's Thief!
It's Thiiieef!
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