8-Bit Theater
Episode 387
Mental note: Avoid killing off Fighter's friends.
Mental note: Avoid killing off Fighter's friends.
And with strange aeons even Lich may die.
Date Published Saturday February 21th, 2004
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The Lich fight continues.

Cast Appearing[]


In front of the von Vampire residence


Thief Could that be...?
Red Mage The Earth Orb!
Lich must've kept it on him and when Fighter attacked, he-
Thief Exposition later~~
Thief Acquisition now!
Fighter skids to a kneel, with his two swords akimbo, while Thief nabs the Earth Orb from Lich
Red Mage Score! Thief got it!
Red Mage is cheering with his arms raised, as Lich takes a knee. Fighter, still hot with righteous fury, raises his fist at Lich.
Fighter Get up, Lich.
I'm not through hurting you yet.
Lich (Close-up) You have no idea of the forces at work here, boy.
If Death itself cannot take me, what makes you think you can?
Fighter (Close-up, background flaring)
Lich stands up,red lightning emanating from him, sending Thief, Red Mage, and Fighter flying.
Lich Of course.