Fallout: Nuka Break
Season 1 - Episode 4
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Episode 4
Date Posted October 10, 2011
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Leon Swallow hears news about Scarlett's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Twig and company take part in Larry's job, but little do they know of Larry's true motives.

Cast AppearingEdit

  • Twig (Zack Finfrock)
  • Ben (Aaron Giles)
  • Scarlett (Tybee Diskin)
  • Larry (Kevin Brooks)
  • Leon Swallow (David Castro; first appearance)
  • Sir Daniels (Howard McNair)
  • Two mercs employed by Leon
  • A number of mercenaries employed by Larry
  • A slave girl (Bonnie Bower)


  • Leon Swallow's camp
  • Outskirts of Eastwood

Running timeEdit

Seven minutes, forty-six seconds


The wasteland...
A desolate place darkened by the shadows of a dead civilization.
There are no heroes, only survivors.
This is the story of one man's quest to find happiness.
The perfect Nuka-Break...
Fallout: Nuka Break
It's late in the evening. The full moon is in full view over a quiet, mountainous enclosure. Two mercs approach a small camp nearby.
Inside the tent, a crackling flame could be heard as a man walks past a destitute slave girl, sitting on a cushion.
The mercs enter, and the girl looks up at them uninterestingly. The two glance at her and walk further inside to someone eating on a table as her gaze follows them.
Eyepatch MercSir,
Leon(cutting a steak) In what buffoon reason could you have to interrupt my evening meal?
Eyepatch MercForgive me, sir, but we bring news from Nevada.
The three mercenaries commissioned to return your wayward slave have failed.
Leon drops his fork and knife and sighs in frustration.
(takes bottle of vodka) What happened?
Eyepatch MercOur spies indicate that they were killed by her liberators northwest of Primm.
Leon(sighs lazily) Send in Daniels, I wish to speak with him.
Eyepatch Merc(bows) At once, sir.
The two mercs leave. Leon makes an audible gesture, and the slave girl notices. He gestures for her to come, and, driven by fear, she complies, kneeling next to him. He holds her delicately by the chin and examines her features.
A dark-skinned man, Daniels, enters the tent hesitantly. Leon continues to examine the slave girl.
Daniels(takes a breath) You wish to see me, Leon?
Leon(faces him) Yes. Yes, I did.
Your idea to use raiders to retrieve my Scarlett have failed.
Daniels(nervously) Perhaps it was a misjudgement to offer two-hundred caps for her, sir.
LeonI told you to offer two-thousand. It was a misjudgement to charge you with such a specific task.
DanielsWe could not spare any additional men, sir.
LeonYour incompetence is disgusting to me. That you would willingly trust my Scarlett to such... degenerates.
I should have you crucified.
Daniels(takes a breath) What would you have me do, sir?
Leon takes a knife out and stabs a spot on a scrunched-up and charred map on the table.
LeonThis is where those idiots were killed. That means they're moving toward California.
DanielsIt would be impossible to take legionnaires that far!
I believe you should raise your reward to three-thousand caps and try again.
The second merc enters in an urgent manner, grabbing Leon and Daniels's attention.
Goggles MercCould I have your pardon, Leon.
Sir Daniels, we've received word. One of our spies in California has located the runaway in Eastwood.
Goggles MercHe's declared his intention to apprehend her and claim the reward.
Leon(interrupts) No no no no no.
LeonI will not spend a single cap more hiring degenerates. I will go myself.
DanielsWhat'd you expect?!
LeonUh, uh. That's enough, Daniels.
Send word to my brother; I'm sure he would be more than willing to support my cause.
Leons dislodges his dagger and points at Daniels.
LeonYou, may go.
Daniels bows nervously, and leaves. The other merc follows. Leon takes a swig of vodka and slams the bottle on the table.
Meanwhile, in the morning. We cut back to Twig and company. They walk through a small valley with a wreck on the side of the road.
TwigOkay, wait. So, so there's a-a cave full of Jet?
TwigAnd your buddy Larry wants us to get it for you back to him in Eastwood?
TwigHey, and it's in a cave!
Ben(pauses, draws in the air with a finger) Yes.
TwigWell, why would he put the Jet in th--
Scarlett(interrupts) Twig, please! Just please stop.
Twig(whiny) Well, why is it in a cave?
I-I mean, is it a big cave? Are there other things in it?
BenIt's a bloody cave so there's probably more than just Jet in it.
TwigLike what?
Like, like giant mutant bugs?
Giant mutant animals?
Giant mutant robots?
BenRobots don't mutate.
ScarlettNor do they get giant.
Twig(even whinier) Well, why is it a cave?
ScarlettYou grew up in a Vault! It's just a cave with air-conditioning. What's your deal with caves all of a sudden?
TwigI don't have a deal with caves.
I have a deal with small spaces.
BenYour Vault was wall to wall with fatties. Small spaces were all you had.
TwigI know, but... I was the skinniest! A-and I was picked on the most, so the guys would always put me in small spaces to make fun of me.
Y'know, "Haha, you're so skinny, you can fit in this fridge whereas we cannot, and haha..."
I mean, a fridge is small, y'know, and well okay mine, mine wasn't kinda--
A shot rings in the air and ricochets, causing everyone to flinch.
TwigWait, wait. Maybe they're not shooting at us!
A shot rings and hits the can next to them, and they flinch again.
Up the path in a rocky tunnel, three mercs emerge with guns aimed at them. Another merc emerges from the other side up close. In the tunnel in that direction, Larry and two mercs appear. Larry is laughing as he savors the moment.
ScarlettOk, what now?
LarryWell, this is me collecting a pretty little bounty, on a pretty slave. Mmm!
TwigBy mannan...
Y'know, this is like the fourth time this week!
Larry shrugs.
BenAnd I expected this from you, just not so close to Eastwood.
Larry(looking around) We're pretty far out. And what (mimicks Conners) Mayor Conners doesn't see, doesn't really concern him now, does it?
Larry gestures to the merc next to him wearing a bandanna, who happened to be the losing gambler from the previous episode. He points his pistol at her.
GamblerShould've seen your cards, little lady.
He snatches her laser rifle and throws it away. While he wasn't looking, Scarlett disarms and knocks him out, pointing the stolen pistol at Larry, who was visibly amused.
TwigHoly shit!
LarryAnd I thought this was gonna be boring.
Larry nods. One of the three mercs from up the trail shoots with his pistol and wounds Scarlett as she falls to the ground.


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