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Anyone watching the ticker?
Anyone watching the ticker?
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Date Published Tuesday, April 6, 2004
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The special scoop on the Light Warriors.

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John John Johnson, with action on the spot news action force team here, speaking live with the Light Warriors.
What is your reaction to the new negative ad campaign by the Dark Warrior party?
Black Mage What are you… do we have news media?
John It seems Dark Warriors are attempting to link Light Warrior activity to recent act of terrorism.
Thief I'll field this one.
Though our means may be questionable, perhaps deplorable, we are perpetrating them against other nations.
and, in so doing, aren't we truly sons of Corneria?
The Corneria flag appears and says:
In corn we trust

Screw other countries
John Bold words, considering the allegations that some the Light Warriors are Elven.
Thief If that were true, then we'd have inherent Elven superiority on our side and be the unopposed rulers of your back water excuse for a nation by now.
Red Mage What Mr. McHumanwitz meant is that's just Dark Warrior rhetoric to confuse the public by obscuring the real issues.
The economy, unemployment recent terrorist activities by dangerous splinter groups such as ourselves.
Those are the topics we should be discussing.
John And how would the Light Warriors deal with these problems?
Black Mage Murder
I call it my "final solution." basically I'm given license to kill and it solves all of my problems.
Scene change to King Steve's room where the TV is on to the news channel
Thief (To Black Mage) You're not helping BM.
King Steve I'd vote for 'em.


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