8-Bit Theater
Episode 412
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Where do you see yourself in ten levels?
Date Published Saturday, April 24th, 2004
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The Light Warriors, save Fighter, meet at the Melmond Inn.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Melmond


Establishing shot of the Melmond Inn.
Thief We've stocked up on enough supplies to feed an army. That oughta hold us a while.
Red Mage Well, now what do we do, hm?
Inside the Melmond Inn.
Thief I have used this group to fulfill my obligations, again, so I see no further use for you non-Elves.
Red Mage No further use? Are you mad? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to solo at this level?
Red Mage (closeup) What appears to be an even match could more accurately be described as doom.
Thief If it means that much to you, then the group may escort me back to Elf Land.
Red Mage I'm riding this Experience Train until they run out of rail, baby.
Black Mage What we really need is some sort of quest to keep us together.
Red Mage I thought you hated us and would relish the opportunity to rid us from your life.
Black Mage Oh, sure, that was the old Black Mage.
Black Mage (closeup of Black Mage with lightning circling around him) The new BACK FROM HELL WITH INFINITE POWER, OH WAIT, JUST KIDDING, YOU'RE MORTAL AGAIN Black Mage won't rest until you've each suffered in ways they have not yet had need to invent words to describe.
Red Mage And where Black Mage goes, Fighter follows. So we're still a team? And where is Fighter, anyway?
Cut to Melmond Gem Shop.
Fighter Can you guess the other three hundred sixty-two things I like about swords?
Shopkeeper What do you want? This isn't even the weapon shop. For the love of God, LEAVE!
Black Mage Wherever he is, he's not being my problem.