8-Bit Theater
Episode 414
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Took it up a Notch
Date Published Thursday April 29th, 2004
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Black Mage's "search" for Fighter continues.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Melmond


Black Mage I've looked everywhere for Fighter, or at least in several spots, and I'm still empty-handed. I even asked a guy.
Flashback to Black Mage "asking" a guy by stabbing him.
Villager Oh god, my precious organs! Why?
Black Mage Eh.
Back to the present
Black Mage There's someone else, guess I'll ask him and then write off Captain Moron for good.
White Mage Plan Beta is go!
Black Mage I've got a few questions for you, it won't take more than a few stabs seconds.
Black Belt Excuse me, "Stranger."
Black Mage Oh, no problem.
Black Mage stabs Black Belt in the leg.
Black Belt My kicking leg!
Black Mage I do apologize, sir, where were we?
White Mage You were asking me how to reach Sarda, the great sage, so you can complete your quest, fulfill your destiny, and save the world.
Black Mage I really find that hard to believe.
Black Belt Seriously, my leg!
White Mage Ugh, fine.
White Mage casts Cure on Black Belt
Black Mage Wait a second, loser townfolk don't have healing magic.
White Mage Abort!