8-Bit Theater
Episode 419
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Date Published Tuesday May 11th, 2009
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Garland and Drizz'l discuss Garland's plan to gently destroy the Light Warriors.

Cast Appearing[]


The Temple of Fiends


Meanwhile, back at the Temple of Fiends…
Drizz'l I must admit, this latest scheme of yours is a genius.
Garland Yes, I'm an evil madman, you know.
Drizz'l Yeah, and I'd ask where you put the real Garland, but I like you better.
Garland Oh Drizz'l. Tis truly I, your evil overlord, and good buddy, Garland. You crazy elf.
Drizz'l You have yet to supply me with any supporting evidence. This current wave of competence only hurts your case.
Garland You're merely witness to the new, revitalized Garland. I'm ready to vanquish my foes and rule the world with an iron, yet caring, fist.
Cue a large sign saying "Iron, yet caring, fist ™" with a Garland sprite in the "o".
Garland And to that end I've falsely labeled our hideout as a haven for the Light Warrior supporters.Those who have not been swayed by my cutting media ploy will be drawn here to drown in our moat.
Drizz'l The transformation is outstanding. What happened to the simpering dolt who was afraid of imps?
Garland sees Forest Imps in his mind.
Garland That's silly. There's no such thing as forest imps.