8-Bit Theater
Episode 434
If this doesn't look fun, you might be sane.
If this doesn't look fun, you might be sane.
Wouldn't You Like to Know?
Date Published Saturday June 26th, 2004
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A small glimpse of a future conversation

Cast Appearing[]


  • The Future
  • The Sky


Black Mage When I look back at my life, I can't help but see an inevitable chain of events.
Red Mage That's ridiculous.
Black Mage Do you believe there could have been any other outcome than this?
Red Mage That's not how it works. There is no grand story to history.
Things just happen. It's the act of looking back on it that interposes a sense of narrative.
Black Mage And yet here we are, just as we were always going to be. Doesn't that drive you mad?
Don't you hate yourself for it? For never having seen it coming until now?
Every little thing is so painfully obvious now, isn't it? Now that it's too late, you have all the answers, don't you?
Red Mage It's not too late.
Black Mage It is for some people.
Red Mage Are you trying to goad me?
Black Mage You know it's going to end here.
Red Mage Just like it was always going to, right?
Black Mage You're catching on.
One last thing. Do you remember when we went to Gurgu?
Red Mage Yes.
Black Mage Why did you do it like that?
Red Mage We thought it'd be funny.
Black Mage Heh. That was funny, wasn't it.
Back to the present day
Black Mage I'm going to look back on this one day and think it's hilarious.
I'll kill them all anyway, but at least we can laugh about it.


  • The future conversation is revealed in Episode 1129: THERE and turns out to be between Black Mage and Red Mage.