8-Bit Theater
Episode 435
Hint: He's not talking about Fighter!
Hint: He's not talking about Fighter!
He's a Fighter, Not a Diplomat
Date Published Tuesday June 29th, 2004
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Black Mage continues to hit on white mage. Meanwhile, a voice fails to obtain Fighter's name.

Cast Appearing[]


  • In a forest not too far from Crescent Lake


And so, not too far from Crescent Lake...
White Mage Oh, don't be such a cry baby.
I healed you, you're fine.
Black Mage What about the emotional scars?
White Mage I was under the impression the sum total of your emotional life consisted entirely of seething, blind, unfocused contempt.
Black Mage Still waters run deep, White Mage. Still waters run deep.
White Mage What? How does that even apply?
Black Mage Well, I was hoping sexually.
Ranger Hark, who goes there?
Fighter Who goes where? We're right here.
Where goes you? Yeah. What do you think of that?
There are a few seconds of silence.
Ranger ...Cunning
You have proven yourself a worthy adversary this day.
Fighter Okay.
Black Mage ...This big...
Ranger I would know your name, Sir.
Fighter Really? That's cool.
White Mage pulls out her hammer.
Ranger I don't think you quite understood me.
Fighter Yeah, probably not.
Red Mage and Thief hold White Mage back.
Ranger Let's try this again.
Fighter Sure! Can I start this time?
White Mage calms down.
Black Mage Mythical!
Ranger Yeah, y'know what? Is there someone else affiliated with your organization with whom I could speak?
White Mage pulls out two hammers.