8-Bit Theater
Episode 437
Close enough.
Close enough.
Date Published Saturday July 3rd, 2004
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The Light Warriors meet a ranger who also happens to be a ranger.

Cast Appearing[]


A forest apparently near Gurgu Volcano


Thief No one ambushes my team 'cept me!
Fighter Yeah! Well, 'cept this guy too.
Thief Shh.
All right, Fruitcake. Talk!
Ranger My full name is...
Ranger Generic Half-Elven Dual-Class Ranger
Red Mage What's your other class?
Ranger Also ranger.
Fighter That's twice the maximum amount of ranger the human body can hold!
Ranger I'm only half human.
Red Mage Dear Lord, it's four times now!
He's multiplying!
Thief You'll have to excuse Red Mage.
He has his good days and his bad.
Ranger Perhaps my forgiveness would be easier to give if not for the knife 'gainst my back.
Thief That's certainly a possibility. What's your business here?
Ranger If you must know, my cohort and I were--
Thief Cohort?
Ranger Yes, Berserker.
Black Mage ...Allergic to mage robes, so we have to git nekkid.
White Mage You hurt my brain.