8-Bit Theater
Episode 445
Berserker Zing
Berserker insults proper.
The Zing's the Thing
Date Published Tuesday July 27th, 2004
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And I thought Europeans came up with bad stereotypes...

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BerserkerWe may be temporarily delayed due to your friend's injury, but we must look on the bright side of it.
Black MageWhat, that Thief won't be talking for the duration?
Black MageThat's what we call a zing, by the way.
BerserkerWe may take this opportunity to learn more about each of our groups.
To trade tales of our travels and news from across the world.
BerserkerI'm sure you ladies must have many entertaining stories to tell since you are obviously from the circus.
Black MageThere are two things wrong with that sentence, and both of them are all of it.
What makes you think we're ladies?
BerserkerOh, I don't think that.
That'd be stupid.
Ranger and your Thief fellow are male.
Ranger explained to me some time ago that those of Elven descent aren't necessarily the most masculine in appearance.
FighterSo why do you think we're girls?
BerserkerYour distinct lack of beards, of course.
Black MageAnd this fact completely overrides our lack of female secondary sexual characteristics, i.e. boobies?
Black MageAnd the whole circus performers thing?
BerserkerWell, I mean, look at you.
Red Mage, Fighter, and Black Mage look down at their clothes.
BerserkerAs they say in the vernacular, "Zing."
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