8-Bit Theater
Episode 446
Anyone else notice they have the same eyes?
Anyone else notice they have the same eyes?
"Stand Up Next to a Mountain..."
Date Published Thursday July 29th, 2004
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I hear it's quite hot in Dwarf Land this season.

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Ranger At last, our band of weary travelers has arrived at the Volcano of Gurgu!
Berserker I must say, I doubt you'll find work here.
A volcano is not a good place for a circus.
Black Mage Drop it already!
Ranger It is with a heavy heart, and a beard of woe, that we must now bid you farewell.
Black Mage Finally.
White Mage But why!
Ranger We must continue 'pon our own quest:
To find our lost companions, Cleric and Rogue!
Berserker Aye. They departed for Dwarven lands long ago.
I had readied them with an official seal of my family, Axinhed, so they could travel without fear of being struck down by the populace.
Ranger And yet we have heard nothing of them since they ventured into the lands of Dwarf.
Berserker Might you bring news from that way?
Black Mage and Thief look at each other for a few seconds.
Black Mage You're going to hear a lot of crazy things.
Thief Mostly crazy talk about Dwarf Land and everything in it burning to the ground.
Black Mage Which is crazy, as we discussed earlier.
Berserker Dwarf Land... in flames?
Black Mage Look, mistakes were made.
Thief I blame the Dwarves, m' self.
Black Mage They were just standing there.