8-Bit Theater
Episode 466
The onomatopoeias only get worse after this one.
The onomatopoeias only get worse after this one.
Trigger Happy
Date Published Tuesday October 5th, 2004
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There is no pleasing a fiend of fire.

Cast Appearing[]



Minion Oh Great One, oh Holder of the Sacred Flame, oh Knower of Mysteries, we have brought forth a mighty sacrifice.
Kary You forgot pretty.
Minion Yes. So, as bill was saying:
Minion Oh powerful Kary, Fiend of the Eternal Flame!
We, your loyal monster servants bring a bounty of adventurers from the caves.
Kary Did they fall to the dragon of living flames I summoned from the depths of Hell?
Minion Rudy? I don't think so.
Kary Then clearly it was my ingenius lava traps! For they were placed where it would be more convenient for there to be ground. But rather it was lava!
Minion They didn't seem terribly put out lava-wise. We pretty much did all the work ourselves
Minion Really, all we did was finish the job your traps and dragon had started.
Minion What a bunch of jerks am I right?
Seriously, we found these guys, utterly slain of course, and dragged them here for you to feast upon, etc., etc.
Also, you're looking lovely today, oh Queen of the Flame.
Kary Sycophant.