Fallout: Nuka Break
Season 1 - Episode 5
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Episode 5
Date Posted November 3, 2011
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We find out what happens to Twig and company as they are held captive by Larry.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Twig (Zack Finfrock)
  • Ben (Aaron Giles)
  • Scarlett (Tybee Diskin)
  • Larry (Kevin Brooks)
  • Touch Conners (Doug Jones)
  • Raz (Steven Dengler)
  • Old general store owner (Vic Mignogna)
  • Red (Michele Specht)
  • A number of mercenaries employed by Larry
  • Citizens of Eastwood
  • Bargoers
  • Barkeeper (Ash Vickers)


  • Outskirts of Eastwood
  • Eastwood
  • An unnamed bar in Eastwood

Running time[]

Nine minutes, eleven seconds


The wasteland...
A desolate place darkened by the shadows of a dead civilization.
There are no heroes, only survivors.
This is the story of one man's quest to find happiness.
The perfect Nuka-Break...
Fallout: Nuka Break
We continue from the previous episode where we see Scarlett sprawled on the ground, still holding the pistol she stole from the merc. There's a visible wound on her right shoulder. Larry is visibly furious.
Larry (sighs) GodDAMN smoothskins! GODDAMMIT!
How are we supposed to cash in on the bounty, if she's dead?
Merc with Pistol You gave the nod! Th-that's a sign to uh, shoot her.
Larry Yeah, yeah. Would've been if we're planning on returning them ALIIIIIVE!
That was a "punch her on the face" nod.
(sighs, takes out sawn-off shotgun) Now I have to kill you.
Before he did, a pistol was fired. The merc was fatally wounded on the chest and falls.
Larry looks down to see Scarlett sitting up and catching her breath with her pistol aimed and smoking. She stands up as if her injuries were nothing.
Larry Ohoh, saves me the bullet.
Twig makes a short laugh, relieved Scarlett is safe. As she points her pistol back at Larry, he points his shotgun back at her. Twig has his arms up and Ben has his hand on his shotgun.
Larry Nuh-oh, oh!
Let's talk about you're gonna surrender, and drop your gun so I don't have to kill any of you now drop!
Scarlett refuses while Twig complies.
Twig (drops That Gun) Scar, please?
(to Larry) Hehehey...
After some hesitation, she puts her pistol down on the ground, holding her arms up.
Larry Alright, now let's have a little powwow. We'll chat and we'll tell you how it's gonna work, sound fair?
Scar and Twig look to see that Ben is gone. It turns out he moved behind Larry and has his shotgun pointed at his head.
Larry Shit.
Ben Alright, now so here's how it's gonna play. Call off your units and I won't wanna blow off your goddamn head.
Larry Who was covering HIM?!
Up the path, the male merc carrying the shotgun gestures it at the female merc, who raises her hand.
Female Merc Me?
Larry (trigger happily) May I, kill the bitch?
Before getting an answer, he fires square to her abdomen and she falls.
Larry Now I STILL got you outnumbered!
Ben You still got a shotgun to your head.
Larry (sighs, facing Ben) Ben...
Screw it.
He aims to shoot at Ben, but was too slow and was knocked out by the butt of his shotgun when he fired. Ben fires at a merc below, hitting and malfunctioning the laser rifle he stole from Scarlett. Scarlett takes the sawn-off shotgun and knocks out a merc wielding a lead pipe with its butt. She spins it upright. Ben tries to fire point-blank at an incoming merc, who holds his hands up, but is out of ammo. Scarlett fires at the merc with the malfunctioning rifle, but she's out too.
Scarlett Really?!
Merc (hauling Larry out) C'mon, this way!
Meanwhile, Twig has an idea, and runs out of the battle zone.
Scarlett (pops open the shotgun) Shit... shit!
Ben aims back at the laser rifle merc, who was retreating, and fires, but only finds out now that he is out as he checks his gun. The merc runs off.
Ben Aww, crap...
Scarlett Twig? Twig?!
Where is Twig?!
We cut to Twig running and stumbling across the wasteland.
Cut back to a silhouette of Scarlett and Ben beating up the remaining mercs.
Back in Eastwood, Twig runs into a bunch of people.
Twig Excuse me!
Male Settler Hey!
Twig Sorry! Excuse me...
He runs into Conners.
Mayor Conners (restraining Twig) Hey,
Twig Hi.
Mayor Conners Twig! Have you seen our new water purifier? It's still comin' out a little bit yellow, but we'll get there.
Twig (distracting Conners) Uh, what the hell is that!
Conners lets go as he looks the other way. Twig bolts away. Thinking it's a joke, Conners laughs and points at Twig.
Mayor Conners Ohh, that boy...
Twig runs into the general store, rummaging through his shelves while the old man puffs at his cigar.
Old Shopkeeper Aww, chill.
(holds up a Nuka-Cola Quantum) I... found this in the back.
Twig notices it and he's hooked.
Old Shopkeeper I hope, figured you might like--
Twig flings the caps at his head and snatches it as he knocks him over. He uncovers something on the shelf and runs off with a Shishkebab. Conners and Raz notice him, Conners admiring him.
Back in the battle zone, Ben and Scarlett are back-to-back as the mercs are on the ground.
Ben He couldn't have just run away like that!
Scarlett Y'know, it's not like he would ditch us like this.
The mercs charge and they evade, punching and knocking them back.
Ben (punching someone out) At least you were surprised I didn't do it first!
Scarlett (evading) Oh, good, thanks a lot you truly care!
Ben (wrestling) Yeah, I care! Ahh... I asked about your arm, didn't I?
Scarlett (punching someone in the jewels) No, you didn't actually!
As he downs someone, a merc knocks Ben on the back and he falls over. He grabs Scarlett and drops her on the ground as well.
We cut to Twig sprinting back across the wasteland.
The merc with the shotgun arrives as Scarlet and Ben are restrained. One of the mercs is playing around with Ben with his knife. Larry comes limping back, laughing as he sees them.
The merc with the shotgun notices something, and suddenly his gun was cut in half, the gunpowder seeping out. Scarlett and Ben look his direction as he flees back when he sees Twig wielding his Shishkebab.
Twig Hi.
Larry Holy shit.
Twig pumps the blade with gas and the blade sets alight.
Twig Who wants barbecue?
Larry Umm...
Twig charges. He effortlessly blocks and slices through the mercs as Scarlett and Ben get out of the way.
Larry (fleeing) Alright...
Ben and Scarlett notice Larry running away.
Scarlett No.
She notices Twig's That Gun on the ground and picks it up, chasing after Larry. Ben runs after Scar.
Ben Scarlett, stop!
Scarlet finally catches up and fires, incapacitating Larry. She turns him upright, grabs him by the collar, and props the barrel to his head.
Scarlett I am done, being hunted.
Ben catches up, with Twig following behind him. He tries to take the gun away from her.
Ben Nonononononono...
Scarlett refuses to let go and fires a few times. Ben gets it out of her hands gets Scarlett off of Larry. Larry hastily gets up.
Ben Now we're even.
Larry flees out into the expanse. A long period of silence ensues. Ben gives the gun back to Twig.
Ben You okay?
Scarlett No.
Why did you do that?!
Ben It's a long story.
Scarlett (suspicious) Were you in on it?
Ben No.
Not as far as I know, it's just supposed to be a run-of-the-mill suicide mission, nothing more.
Scarlett Why did you save him?
Ben Because I owe him.
Scarlett Yeah?
Ben Yeah.
Scarlett Well, now you owe me.
Ben Alright, fine. I mean... well, we can't fix this--
Scarlett No, we can! We can go get Larry and kill him!
Ben Okay, well, yeah we can. But I'm talking about more than just that lowlife, I mean ending it. Done.
Twig Yeah, guys.
(taking out Scarlett's bounty note) We go to the source!
Ben Yeah, but unless anybody gets that guy with real sad ways.
Twig (dumbfounded) What, how would you say that? We rescued Scar!
Scarlett (disbelief) Not how I remembered it.
Cut to a past scene where Scarlett is carrying Ben through the cave, with gunfire ringing throughout. She takes a grenade out from his chest and flings it behind her. She grabs a sobbing Twig by the collar and pushes him out to the entrance.
Twig and company are silent.
Ben So what do we do?
Scarlett I just want this to be over.
Twig raises an arm in agreement.
Ben Well, alright. If we're gonna die, let's do it in style. Let's get her back in Eastwood.
Ben heads back, with Scarlett following after pausing to think. Twig follows behind her.
In an unnamed bar, Larry bounds in, bumping past some settlers on his way to the table.
Larry 'Scuse me, toots. Ah!
Outta the way.
(slams duffel bag on table) Surprised to see me? Pay up.
Barkeeper You're crazy. I ain't got that.
Larry Well, I'm cashing out.
Barkeeper Larry, you can't just come in here. I don't have ca--
Larry (slams fist on table) Now! Go, vanish.
Barkeeper What did you get yourself into this time?
Larry (hesitates to tell her) I have to get out of town before that FAT Vault Dweller gets back.
A lady with fiery red hair overhears the conversation and turns, slamming the table as she gets up and approaches Larry.
Barkeeper Well, you can't just come in here, are you nuts?! I've had it!
Larry Pay me. What. You can!
The lady turns him around and grasps him by the collar, slamming him on the table. The barkeeper holds her hands up, surprised.
Red Did you say, FAT, VAULT DWELLER?!