8-Bit Theater
Episode 501
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Talk Like a Pirate
Date Published Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
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Fighter has chartered a ship for the team, but guess who's the crew?

Cast Appearing[]


  • An unnamed port


Fighter Hey guys, guess what I chartered for us!
Black Mage Which one of you brain surgeons decided Fighter should get our boat?
Ten minutes earlier...
Black Mage Do you ever shut up?! You smell like wet ugly on a bad day!
Get out of here. Find a boat or something.
Fighter 'Kay!
Present time
Fighter It's the greatest boat evarz!
Black Mage I just bet it is.
Shifts to what Black Mage is thinking. It shows Akbar selling Fighter a rusty boat.
Akbar Rust holes provide better ventilation so the water it takes on doesn't stay inside.
Present time. Cuts to a majestic-looking galleon.
Fighter It's that boat over there. The incredibly majestic one with all the sheets.
Red Mage Golly.
Thief Good work.
Black Mage I assume you've got a crew to sail the darn thing.
Bikke, Garland, Vilbert, and Drizz'l appear with pirate hats on.
Bikke Aye, that he do be having. Yar,
Garland Having that do he indeed. Does have.
Vilbert Forsooth, yea, unto he does, thou.
Drizz'l (quietly) Muygle.
Vilbert elbow shoves Drizz'l.
Drizz'l Yar.