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Episode 507
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Looking Back
Date Published Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
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Drizz'l looks back at Garland's plan to summon the giant octopus, looking at the ridiculousness of it.

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  • Dark Warriors' galleon


Drizz'lLet me get this straight.
GarlandTake your time, pal.
Drizz'lYou summoned a Deep One for us.
Drizz'lAnd it attacked us.
GarlandYou betcha!
Drizz'lAnd that was part of the plan somehow?
GarlandThe cornerstone of the whole shabang, I'd say.
Drizz'lAnd that was going to kill the Light Warriors by destroying our boat?
GarlandSee how simple this is?
Drizz'l(mumbles to himself) It's like you hate life...
Drizz'lWhat was to stop it from killing us too?
GarlandOh, you'll love this.
GarlandSee, after the Deep One swallowed the ship or the Light Warriors or whatever, I'd then summon up a dinosaur.
Drizz'lTo what purpose?
GarlandOh, they'd fight each other, of course.
Drizz'lGiving us enough time to swim away, right?
Garland(gives a thumbs-up) Exactly!
Drizz'lI can't swim. Based on the fact that swimming involves aquatic travel, I can only assume Bikke can't swim.
BikkeI can sink like a rock, if'n that be counting.
VilbertThe water would positively ruin my outfit.
Drizz'lAnd you can't swim, Garland, as you are wearing a hundred pounds of metal armor.
GarlandDon't you think I thought of all that?
I'd summon a marmoset, a really big one.
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