8-Bit Theater
Episode 508
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Date Published Thursday, January 27th, 2005
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Drizz'l proposes for a new leader, but it turns out to be much harder than he imagined...

Cast Appearing[]


  • Dark Warriors' galleon


Drizz'l Fellows, it has come to my attention that we need a drastic change in leadership.
Bikke I do be sharing that opinion.
Vilbert My dark soul burns with fiery agreement.
Vilbert Or possibly tacos.
Drizz'l Why are you eating? You're a vampire.
Vilbert I like tacos.
Drizz'l We're getting off track.
Our organization is in desperate need of a new direction.
The candidate for that role is obvious to all of us.
Bikke Aye.
Vilbert Indeed.
Drizz'l Good.
Drizz'l As our new leader, I'd like...
Bikke (in unison) As our new leader, I'd like...
Vilbert (in unison) As our new leader, I'd like...
In the background, the Deep One, the dinosaur, and the giant marmoset are fighting each other. The marmoset is holding Black Mage.
Drizz'l It seems we are at an impasse.
Black Mage Li'l help?
Vilbert We could make a committee of evil.
Bikke Aye! We could determine our positions within said committee via some sort of swimming contest. Yar,
Drizz'l No, Bikke, just no.
They stood silently while the monsters continue to fight.
Black Mage I'm the mage! I can't solo these things!
Fight! Fight, curse you!
If not for my sake, then for your own survival, dammit!
Vilbert Now a poetry contest on the other hand...