8-Bit Theater
Episode 509
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Just After the Epic Battle...
Date Published Saturday, January 29th, 2005
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Black Mage suffers a concussion and hears loud voices.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Dark Warriors' galleon


Figther approaches the unconscious Black Mage.
Black Mage What?
Fighter I said there's something strange about these sailors.
Black Mage Oh, hello there Mr. Concussion. How are you today?
Thief What's he mumbling about?
Fighter Dunno.
Black Mage Please speak quietly.
Fighter I think he's hung over.
Black Mage No, my brain is hemorrhaging very important fluids.
Thief Y'know, while you've been sitting here...
Black Mage Quietly, I beg of you.
Thief ...we've been hard at work figuring out these sailors.
Black Mage They're not sailors, they're Dark Warriors.
Fighter We think they might be pirates.
Black Mage Hate you.