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Episode 511
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Hey, brother, can you spare a quarter
Date Published Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
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Fighter, being an idiot, goes to investigate...for a quarter.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Dark Warriors' galleon


FighterWe know one thing for sure.
There's a mystery on this boat and those sailors are at the heart of it.
Black MageThere is no mystery. They are the Dark Warriors. They're not even wearing their disguises now.
FighterDon't worry, Black Mage. Encyclopedia Fighter is on the case!
Black Mage(quietly) Didn't we use that once already?
FighterA payment of a single quarter is all I require.
Black Mage(turns his back) I refuse to indulge this fantasy of yours in any way.
FighterThen I am off!
Black MageUnless his fantasy involves repeated shovings of a knife through his precious spine.
I could be down for that.
FighterThief, I need a quarter so I can take the case.
ThiefHow about this.
ThiefI keep the quarter and when you get this case, I'll get 50% of the rights to it.
ThiefOh, if you insist.
FighterRM, I need a quarter so I can take the case.
Red MageFind your own quarter, I'm saving for my mount.
FighterMan, I'll never get on the case at this rate.
Cut to a PLINK! of a Cornerian quarter, with Fighter holding it.
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