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Episode 513
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Thus Spoke Sardathustra
Date Published Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
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The team crashed into an icy tundra without any survival gear. Meanwhile, White Mage is understanding the fact that she is God.

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  • Unnamed tundra
  • The beginning of time


Black MageWell, it's about a thousand degrees below zero., we have no shelter, no food, supplies of any kind, or combustible materials that aren't our flesh.
I propose we cut open someone's gut so the rest of us can sleep nestled within his warm entrails.
The obvious choice for this sacrifice is Fighter because he is filled with meats.
FighterIt's true!
Red MageWait, I have an idea.
I have ice spells! We're saved!
Black MageIce spells.
Black MageOkay, Red Mage just volunteered.
Meanwhile, at the beginning of time...
White MageI have to tell you, finding out that I'm God has kind of challenged my religious beliefs.
White MageWell, it's all a lie.
SardaIs it?
I'm reminded of a saying. Something like, "If there was no God, then man would have to make him", you can make there be God.
SardaAnd you will know for a fact that it exists and is good.
The question is do you have to make God or...
Do you have faith that your God is a natural part of the cosmos?
That your being here, your participation in the way of things, is part of your journey.
White MageI hadn't thought of it that way before.
SardaWell, I am a sage.


  • The title of the comic is a reference to Thus Spoke Zarathustra, a philosophical novel written by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche under the original title, "Also sprach Zarathustra." One central theme of the book is overcoming humanity and becoming something more, as White Mage does in the episode.
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