8-Bit Theater
Episode 518
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Date Published Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
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The team suffers from hypothermia and collapses.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Unnamed tundra


Black Mage Congratulations, Red Mage. You've killed us. We all knew it would happen, it was just a matter of how, when, and where.
Red Mage We are all losing feeling in our extremities, BM.
Turning on one another won't solve anything.
Black Mage Shut up, I'm not done blaming everyone who isn't me.
Black Mage (On red screen, with black tendrils) Thief, your career as our leader reminds me of watching a blind child stumble through an uneven room laced with knives and tiger pits.
Only not as interesting to watch because you can always push the kid if it looks like he'd make it.
Who's mom's favorite now!
Red Mage Wait. You murdered your own blind brother?
Black Mage It would have been cruel to let him live after what I did to his eyes.
Thief Was there a point in all that? Your ramblings seem less coherent than usual.
Black Mage Probably. It's cold and I'm tired. Leave me alone.
He collapses...
Red Mage I too am tired. I blame all the genius-ing I've done of late.
Thief Couldn't it be hypothermia?
Red Mage Urban myth.
Red Mage collapses...
Thief In that case, a quick nap couldn't hurt. I'd hate to die exhausted.
Thief collapses...