8-Bit Theater
Episode 519
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I'll be there for you...
Date Published Thursday, February 24th, 2005
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The yeti brings the Light Warriors into his lair, but upon answering the door, he is decapitated by an unknown visitor.

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Some time later...
The Light Warriors are hanging unconsciously from an icy cave ceiling.
Yeti I hope I didn't miss much.
Chandler (offscreen) Monica! How could you, who is my wife now for some reason, sleep with my best friend?
Monica (offscreen) I'm sorry, Chandler. It's gotten hard to keep track of who's married to who.
Rachel (offscreen) Wait, who am I sleeping with?
Chandler (offscreen) Dunno, Rach. I think its all of us.
Yeti (offscreen) Oh, friends. Is there no borderline incestual relationship you won't embark upon?
Someone screams a loud DING DONG!
Yeti (offscreen) That's odd.
I don't have a doorbell.
The person screams a loud KNOCK KNOCK?
Yeti Or a door.
Yeti Lousy food's gonna get warm if this keeps up.
Yeti (offscreen) This had better be good. I'm a very important yeti in these parts.
(mutters) Even if its an uninhabited arctic waste land.
What are you guys supposed to be?
The yeti's head gets bloodily chopped off...
Yeti Oh.