8-Bit Theater
Episode 520
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A Cave Inn
Date Published Saturday, February 26th, 2005
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The Dark Warriors stay the night and see the unconscious Light Warriors. Garland's idiocy tells them to move on...

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The next day...
Garland Am I crazy, or was the hollowed out body of that yeti the most comfortable bed you've slept in?
Vilbert It was unnecessarily and deliciously morbid.
Garland And being spooned up was such a nice way for us to bond outside of work, y'know?
Drizz'l Let us never speak of this day again.
Bikke (offscreen) Quit ye word talkin', knave.
Do ye see what I do be seein' thar?
Garland Whar?
Bikke (pointing up to the unconscious Light Warriors) Up thar.
Garland Huh.
Drizz'l Right. Let's get them down and kill them.
Bikke I think they're already dead.
Drizz'l Well, if we kill them, we'll know for sure, won't we.
Garland That's not how we do things in this organization.
Drizz'l (muttering) Yeah, I'd hate it if we were smart about something.
Garland As villains, it's our job to haughtily assume our plucky rivals were soundly defeated by mundane means without anyone to witness their demise. Also, it doesn't matter how easily we are thwarted in our varied and constant attempts on their lives. Their apparent death proves we would have beaten them eventually anyway.
Garland (offscreen) Now c'mon.
I swear I saw a cold fusion generator on the ice somewhere.
If we can turn it into some kind of cold fission generator, we ought to have a use for it then.
Drizz'l I hate this team and everyone in it.