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Episode 523
Episode 523
Tentacled cultists accompanied by these sounds could bring nothing but comfort to onlookers, I'm sure.
The Doom That Came to Ice Cave
Date Published Saturday March 5th, 2005
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Red Mage may have just a little too much trust in his own intelligence.

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ThiefWill you quit worrying, BM.
Black MageHey, I know what I heard.
Sure, I might've been hallucinating at the time.
But I'm pretty sure some of it was kinda real.
Red MageOh, come on.
ThiefHow many ancient horrors of the deep could you fit into one cave?
The cultists appear making sounds like "Spag," "Sklict," and "Flort."
Black MageLots.
Red MageThis is no time to panic.
Let us not forget, I am a genius.
Red MageWe have no guarantee that their sensory organs, as numerous, misshapen, and misplaced as they are, function anything like our own.
One cultist makes a "Gthep."
Red MageLet's turn around, hope they didn't see us, and leave.
Cultists appear behind the Light Warriors and go "Mlegh."
Red MageOkay. We can make this work in our favor.
Remember. Genius!
The cultists in front of the warriors make noises like "Gthug" and "Splak."
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