8-Bit Theater
Episode 524
Or at Fighter's face.
Or at Fighter's face.
Facts Concerning the Cultists and Their Families
Date Published Tuesday March 8th, 2005
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Black Mage threatens to pull a Hadoken, but he risks killing themselves.

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L'zlhe The intruders have been subdued, oh great one.
Mrr'grt Bring them forth so that I may taunt them with my ridiculous, over-the-top villainy.
The Light Warriors are shoved in...
Black Mage Quit shovin' shortstack.
Mrr'grt What?
This rabble are the fabled Warriors of Light?
Mrr'grt This is the best defense the world of men could mount against our kind?
Mrr'grt If there was proof that the rule of man was in twilight, this would be it.
Black Mage Hey, do we come to your tea party and slap your disgusting genitals our of your mother's mouth?
Mrr'grt They speak of our tea parties!?
L'zlhe They know too much!
Red Mage That's... that's real good, Black Mage.
Black Mage What? These fruity cephalopod dorks are one Hadoken away from extinction.
Red Mage That's a great idea! I always wanted to be crushed to death by tons of rock and ice.
Black Mage No, I think you're confused. See, a Hadoken doesn't use rock or ice. Also, it would be aimed away from us.
Black Mage does a DRAMATIC REINACTMENT of his Hadoken. The captions say THIS IS NEITHER ROCK OR ICE (AIM AWAY FROM FACE)
Red Mage Yes, yes, I know.
But the explosion would collapse an unhealthy chunk of the content right on top of us.
Black Mage Oh.
Mrr'grt It is no matter.
Our perverse rituals to bring about the end of all creation are nigh.
Nothing can oppose us. Not even the Warriors of Light.