8-Bit Theater
Episode 525
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The Shadow Over Its Mouth
Date Published Thursday, March 10th, 2005
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Fighter points out the obvious...

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Mrr'grt Yes, Light Warriors. You tracked us into our arctic underground base. Bravo, by the way.
Mrr'grt Before we sacrifice you to eternal darkness, I must know how you did it.

Did you chance upon our magic high frequency global message broadcasting to our members across the world when and where to meet?

If so you must have the world's greatest cryptologist in your employ.

The message was encoded into four layers of languages with each one more impossible than the last.
Mrr'grt Or did you merely catch a slight glimpse of our summons to madness?

Perhaps one of your mages conjured up a spell to retroengineer the origin of our sinister broadcast.
Mrr'grt Did you pull the knowledge from the very stars themselves?

Did you consort to the lesser things of the dark?

Did they reveal us in the throes of their madness?
Fighter Those are masks, right?
Mrr'grt Ours are the faces of Euclid's nightmares!

To look upon us is to know an endless despair!
Fighter I can see your mouth moving under the mask.
Mrr'grt We beings are forged of madness! Our mouths have many ways in which to move!