8-Bit Theater
Episode 526
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The Unnamable
Date Published Friday, March 11th, 2005
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The Cultists have definitely feminine, yet powerful names!

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Black Mage Look, buddy, we don't care about your little cult, or your lame cave of ice.
Black Mage We're not even sure how we got here, so if it's all the same to you, we'll leave you guys to your own hideous devices.
Red Mage Really, we'll probably freeze to death out there anyway.
Mrr'grt Do you think us fools!?
Black Mage I was thinking of an F word.
Mrr'grt We are upon the cusp of bringing a new, eternal age of endless night upon this rock.

It was foretold to us millennia ago that the bringers of light would seek us out only to end our evil ways.
Black Mage (beside a picture of the Dark Warriors and Sarda) Yeah, that can't be us.

We're already booked to save the world from some other jackass.

Plus we've got at least one group for an archnemesis.

And there's this sage who's older than time with infinite power who bosses us around for no reason.
Sarda Yo.
Black Mage We could try to squeeze you in for a thwarting when we're done with Chaos if you like.
Red Mage Get your name on the list early, man. Everyone's gonna want us to thwart them when we finish the big Chaos job.
Mrr'grt Oh, well, okay.

Just put us down under my name then. Our cult cannot be said or written without driving you mad.

That's Mrr'grt. Three R's.
Red Mage I've think I've read enough insanity languages to know how to spell the names of the nameless.
Black Mage Wait, your name is Margaret?
Fighter That's a girl's name.

Even worse than Leslie.
L'zlhe (peeking in) I'm sorry, did someone call for me?
Mrr'grt No, L'zlhe.

These are very old and powerful names!

No more inane bickering! To the pit with you!