8-Bit Theater
Episode 527
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Imprisoned with the Fools
Date Published Tuesday, March 15, 2005
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Thrown in the pit, they wonder why they even went to the place anyway...

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage So here we are, staring down the gaping maw of death.


I have to wonder why those godless little nihilistic mutants are in such a hurry to kill us.

It's not like we could survive the thousands of miles of ice or the vast oceans beyond that.

Speaking of which...
Black Mage What in the hundred hells are we doing on a continent of ice anyway?!
Red Mage Sarda sent us. There was talk concerning the frozen bowels of the earth.
Black Mage Other than you guys, and especially Fighter, my hatred of Sarda is without peer.
Red Mage He said we'd find an item of great power that would help us to fulfill our destiny.
Thief This is a barren, featureless wasteland.

The only people we've met are a band of Cultists half mad from starvation who are bent on destroying the world through incest.
Thief Then he threw us into a pit.

There is no item of power in this dead place.
Red Mage Do you think he meant my Cold Fusion Generator?
Fighter Maybe it's like a box of cereal and the special prize is buried at the very bottom so you have to dig and dig and dig to get it.
Black Mage Oh god, is that why there was always cereal on the kitchen floor?

I thought you were just a slob, I didn't know you were elbow deep into the box.
Black Mage How often do you wash your hands anyway?
Fighter Once a week whether I need it or not!
Black Mage I'm going to be sick now, please make room.
Thief Hold that horf.

My keen elfish senses detect something in this pit...