8-Bit Theater
Episode 530
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The Color Out of Space
Date Published Tuesday, March 22, 2005
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Black Mage goes into a little soliloquy, all while being turned into molecular proportions.

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Black Mage So it's come to this, has it? Me VS. a hideous eye-stalk.
Black Mage I'd pity this perversion of nature if I didn't enjoy hurting things too much.
The scene behind Black Mage and the eye-stalk gradually fades to black.
Black Mage The question now is which of my devastating attacks do I use on this thing.
Black Mage I have enough Doom spells to end the world twice over.
Black Mage Hell, if I think hard enough, I could turn its blood into razor blades or something.
Black Mage Of course, giant eyes are great for stabbing, so...
Black Mage notices the nothingness around him
Black Mage Did something happen when I wasn't looking?
He begins to shrink.
Black Mage Infinite nothingness sucks.
Black Mage appears as an infinitesimal speck in the eye-stalk's cornea and lets out a SPOOP