8-Bit Theater
Episode 531
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Time for a New Space
Date Published Thursday, March 24, 2005
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Black Mage is transported into a portable infinity with his team.

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage Alone forever in a dark infinity. There are worse fates.
Fighter (offscreen) Heya, Black Mage!
Black Mage I can hear one of those worse fates now...
Fighter We were hoping you'd show up.
Black Mage Where are we and how can I get away from you?
Thief It's hard to say, really.
Red Mage Space-time appears to be non-discrete here.

You can see us a few seconds into the future over there.
Black Mage (looking at the frame behind him) And there you are a few seconds ago.
Red Mage Precisely.
Black Mage (looking at the frame below them) We're down there too. I wonder why I'm saying "Oh"?
Red Mage In this fractured shard, this phantom-like zone, we can't be sure casualty is maintained.
Red Mage It's impossible to know until we catch up to that point in this realm's disjointed flow of time.
Black Mage Oh.
Red Mage Time and space are independent here. Do you have any idea what the implications are for bending the rules?
Red Mage You can use out of character knowledge before you even had it!
Thief (mutters) Or, if we're interested in good ideas...