8-Bit Theater
Episode 532
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20 Power Loaders vs 20 Alien Queens
Date Published Saturday, March 26, 2005
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Thief brings out an idea of creating a single, invincible army.

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ThiefIf time and space work independently in this world, then there's like hundreds of instances of us.
Red MageThat's one way to see it.
ThiefSo what's stopping us from gathering all our versions into a single, invincible army?
Red MageThat eschews normal physics, it's ridiculously epic...

It's perfection. Thief! Where did you come up with such a great idea?
Thief(looking down the large panel below) I saw the future you doing it down there.
Red MageI'm doing it in the future because you told me about it in the past... But only because you saw me doing it in the future.

Where did that plan come from? Information cannot erupt into being from nothingness.

It's a paradox!
Infinite copies of the team fight each other with their weapons drawn. The original Red Mage stands beyond all of them.
Red MageI try not to think about it.
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