8-Bit Theater
Episode 533
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Countdown to Infinite Crisis
Date Published Tuesday, March 29, 2005
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With that said, the talk of alliances are being developed.

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Infinite copies of the team continue to fight throughout, with the original four standing out.
Black Mage So what do we do with an army of infinite us?
Red Mage I hadn't thought that far ahead. This just seemed cool.
Thief We could ask our future selves what we did with all of us to get out.
Red Mage The idea that progress can only be made by depending upon paradoxes in casuality appeals to my sense of twinkery, but I can't see that far ahead.
Thief Look, we have limitless resources, manpower, and time at our disposal.

Our options are suprisingly few.
Thief We could build a utopian city to live our ageless lives amongst ourselves.
A giant future utopia with a post that says THIEFVILLE on top is pictured.
Black Mage Lording over a dead universe is a life-long dream of mine...
Thief Or we could fight to the death forever.
Black Mage Also good.
Red Mage No need!

My genius, which I'd foolishly assumed to have some upper, if nigh-impossible, limit has just solved our little problem, again!
Black Mage I think we're on the same page for once.
Black Mage (brandishing his daggers) First we fight to the death. Then, when you all jerks are slain, the Black Mages will rule over this dead universe.
The other three are silent.
Black Mage It's the best of both worlds. Let's start.


  • The title of the episode itself is a possible reference to a DC tie-in comic of the same name.